With 950,000 New Users in 30 Days, Web3 Social Infrastructure UXLINK Surpasses 3 Million Certified Users

Web3 Social Infrastructure UXLINK innovatively develops rapidly through the “Real World Social” and “Group” modes, and in only 10 months since the project was launched, it has covered nearly 6 million users, entered nearly 80,000 groups, and the number of certified users has exceeded 3 million, of which 950,000 certified users were added in the past 30 days. 

More than 3 million users, including 950,000 new certified users in the past 30 days, which fully verifies the high efficiency of this mode of communication and high growth rate. Of the 950,000 new authenticated users in the past 30 days, more than 940,000 came from the “Link to Earn” protocol, during which a total of 55,376 Linkers participated in, with an average of 17 new users invited per person, proving the “trust and growth efficiency” brought by “Real World Social”. 

Meanwhile, UXLINK allows users to mint their social graphs on the blockchain through UX SBT and UX Graph, and smoothly transfer their social relationships on Web2 SNS to social assets on Web3 blockchain.

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 In the group mode, UXLINK launched the UXGroup protocol with Group Bound Account (GBA) concept to help each group owner provide on-chain asset-based management for their groups. 

In order to enhance the experience of new users interacting with the Web3 protocol and to reflect the Real-World Social, UXLINK adopts the “One-Account Strategy” – a social account, i.e., a Web3 identity account, through which other Web3 infrastructure services such as: multi-wallet and cross-chain services can be bundled and managed. UXLINK has adopted the “One-Account Strategy” – a social account, i.e. a Web3 identity account, through which it can bind and manage other Web3-based services such as multi-wallet and cross-chain ERC20 and ERC721 token assets.

According to the UXLINK community, in the future, UXLINK Protocol will be opened up to more developers and eco-partners – such as GameFi and DFi – and will provide infrastructure services for Web3 Developers and Dapps based on different social scenarios (e.g. WhatsApps, Facebook, etc.).


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