Stratence & Stratio Showcase Innovative AI Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry at the EPA Congress

February 29, 2024 – In a pivotal moment for the pharmaceutical industry, Stratence Partners and Stratio BD are thrilled to announce their collaborative presentation at the World EPA Congress. This significant event is scheduled at the RAI center in Amsterdam on March 12 & 13, 2024. The alliance of Stratence’s healthcare consulting expertise with Stratio BD’s state-of-the-art AI data fabric technology is set to bring about a transformative change in pharmaceutical strategies and operations.

Synergistic Partnership Dynamics: This collaboration has given birth to AI solutions specifically engineered for the pharmaceutical sector. These groundbreaking solutions, born from Stratence’s deep-rooted healthcare expertise and Stratio BD’s revolutionary AI technology, are tailored to address the multifaceted challenges of healthcare. This collaboration is a testament to our shared vision of redefining drug pricing strategies, enhancing commercial effectiveness, and elevating strategic decision-making.

Sneak Peek at the EPA Congress: The World EPA Congress attendees are in for an exclusive reveal of these innovative AI solutions. These technologies are pivotal in improving patient outcomes and optimizing pharmaceutical processes. The presentation will feature real-world scenarios demonstrating the solutions’ efficacy in surging topline growth (beyond 20%), mitigating value/price erosion, and augmenting market share.

Dedication to Innovation and Excellence: Stratence Partners and Stratio BD stand at the innovation forefront in healthcare and AI. This collaboration is about reimagining the standards in data-driven solutions and empowering the pharmaceutical sector with unmatched efficiency and effectiveness.

Stratence Partners – Redefining Healthcare Consulting: With a legacy exceeding 25 years, Stratence Partners is a vanguard in healthcare consulting. Specializing in areas like Tenders Management, Wholesalers Management, and Payers-BDM, Stratence has played a pivotal role in market growth and performance enhancement across various market spectrums, yielding significant results in patient prescription adherence and innovative account management.

Stratio BD – The Vanguard of AI Data Fabric: Since its establishment in 2014 in Madrid, Stratio BD has been at the forefront of merging data fabric with AI technology. Their flagship product, the Generative AI Data Fabric platform, has been a game-changer in data management, enriching data governance, analytics, and AI-driven innovation.

Open Invitation to EPA Congress: We extend a warm invitation to all participants of the EPA Congress to immerse themselves in these ground-breaking AI solutions. This event is not just a showcase but a pivotal juncture in healthcare’s trajectory, spotlighting the vast potential of strategic AI partnerships.

Connecting for Future Collaborations: Interested parties are encouraged to contact Marketing@Stratence.Partners for more details or to schedule meetings at the Congress. This event presents a unique opportunity for industry leaders and innovators to connect and shape the future of healthcare.

Vision for the Future: Join us in ushering in a new era of healthcare innovation. Experience the power of AI partnerships as they reshape the pharmaceutical industry’s future. Our collaborative vision aims to pioneer a future where AI is integral to healthcare, driving improvements not just in patient care but in the entire ecosystem of pharmaceutical research and development.

Learn More and Engage with Us: Click here to find comprehensive information about the World EPA Congress. We encourage attendees to engage with us at this landmark event, where we will be demonstrating the transformative potential of AI in redefining the realms of patient care and pharmaceutical operations.

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