How do coworking spaces contribute to a positive work-life balance?

A positive work-life balance is a long-time debate but today with 9-5 work culture diminishing – it’s no longer a matter of concern. Amidst the buzz of coworking space, one cannot deny the fact that it’s of the greatest contributor for a positive work-life balance equilibrium.

Avanta Business Centre has more than 15 years of experience providing top of the line amenities & hospitality and is the best choice when it comes to coworking office space for rent. Avanta acknowledges the importance of promoting a coworking community which provides harmonious work-life balance.

5 Ways to Improve your Work-Life Balance by Choosing Coworking Spaces

Are you seeking ways to improve your positive work-life balance? Coworking Spaces contribute to a positive work-life balance in following several ways.

Creating a Productive Community

Our shared office spaces encourage spontaneous communication unlike traditional office setups where professional interactions are often confined to formal meetings. The open and dynamic workspace setup at Avanta fosters impromptu exchange of ideas, and mutual understanding among community members, developing a lively atmosphere.

Through different types of in-house networking events, festive celebrations, and our dedicated in-house committees’ hard work, we develop a sense of belonging that significantly enhances the overall work-life experience.

Flexibility for Personal and Professional Growth

Avanta recognises that flexibility is another critical factor that helps in creating a positive work life balance. An era where needs differ individually both in personal and professional lives, Avanta private coworking space offers customised workspace to its clients.

A set of coworking space options like hot and floating desks, dedicated workstations, and shared office spaces are available for professionals to suit their work requirements.

Tailor made coworking space is another perk which benefits all the companies seeking to give their brand touch to their spaces.

Embracing Wellness Programs

Avanta goes beyond four walls by organising health-focused events, including chair yoga sessions, meditation workshops, zumba sessions which allows professionals to take a break from monotonous routine. This encourages individuals not only excel professionally but also to grow personally and find a healthy lifestyle. It is truly said- Health is Wealth!

Some of the major elements which Avanta uses include elements like quirky recreational areas, natural light, ergonomic furniture and whatnot. These elements add a sense of calmness even when your work is overwhelming.

Reducing Commuting Stress

Long commute stress is common in major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Bangalore etc and to tackle this, Avanta strategically positions its coworking space in Delhi NCR at prime locations.

The aim? To help professionals shift their precious time for their family or take out time to pursue their passions or even focus on their fitness regime. For example- Nestled in the central hub, our coworking space in Delhi’s Connaught Place and KG Marg are easily reachable by autos, cars, or public transportation options like buses and the metro.

Eco-Friendly Approach

Creating a sense of environmental consciousness, Avanta strives to support its clients to accept the holistic approach for a happy work-life balance. It weaves eco-friendly strings in its workspace- this includes major steps like minimising the use of plastic bottles, placing vibrant live plants for cleaner air, incorporating reusable cutleries and providing open, airy common areas for its clients.


Many Avanta users admit that it’s more than mere a physical coworking space; rather it’s a promise to create a well-rounded work-life balance.

From developing a collaborative & vibrant community and offering flexible coworking space to organising health focussed programs and easing commuting stress, Avanta has created a space where professionals can excel in their careers and in their personal lives as well. Avanta is known for offering best-in-class infrastructure along with a community of like-minded individuals where they can learn and grow together. Serving more than 2500 plus clients so far Avanta has created a prestigious name in the office space industry.

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