Bitcoin with “K”, a new cryptocurrency that will function as a backup to Bitcoin (BTC)

Nowadays, anyone knows that Bitcoin is the most famous cryptocurrency in the world.

Recently, on February 14, 2024, its value reached 52,000 USD and it is forecast that before the end of 2024 it will exceed 100,000 USD.

For this reason, a group of european computer scientists and financial analysts have decided to bet on Bitcoin by creating a new backup cryptocurrency called Bitkoin (like Bitcoin but changing the C to a K).

The team calls itself Zhao Nakamoto, as Satoshi Nakamoto’s little brother, the legendary and mysterious creator of Bitcoin.

Of course, Zhao Nakamoto’s name conveys a lot of serenity as he has the same last name as Satoshi.

What is Bitkoin? And how it works?

On October 2, 2023, Zhao Nakamoto team created 21 million Bitkoin, the same number of tokens held by Bitcoin (BTC).

Bitkoin is a cryptocurrency created on BSC (Binance Smart Chain), a very secure, decentralized blockchain network with transaction costs of just a few cents.

This coin is programmed to narrate the story of Bitcoin (BTC) through an event-based trading calendar 365 days a year and most importantly, it distributes a 5% reward in Bitcoin (BTC) daily to all its holders.

In 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto offered Bitcoin for pre-sale at $0.003 and in 2011 its price was still $1, but none of us realized until November 8, 2021, its price multiplied by 67,000 times its initial price, reaching almost the 70,000 US dollars.

American film director Garry Marshall once said: “It is always useful to learn from mistakes, because then the mistakes become valuable”.

What would you answer if I told you that participating in the Bitkoin pre-sale costs only 2.5 dollars (2.30 euro) or less than what you would pay for having a coffee and a croissant for breakfast in Paris.

The Bitkoin launch price, in pre-sale, is only 0.25 dollars per unit, the minimum investment is 10 Bitkoin (2.5 USD) and in order to receive daily rewards in Bitcoin (BTC), you must have a minimum of 100 Bitkoin in your wallet (about 25 dollars in pre-sale).

The pre-sale ends on May 21, 2024 or earlier if all 5 million tokens are sold.

In this article it is not my wish, at any time, to offer the reader any investment or financial offer, we are talking about a figure of less than two and a half dollars, an amount that would probably cause laughter among some today, but just as happened with Bitcoin in 2009 who knows if tomorrow it won’t provoke the envy of many.

Where the past meets the future, now you can have a chance by joining Zhao Nakamoto team on this crypto journey to the moon.

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